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Brand: Eaton Vickers
Platform: KBFDG4V-5 12 Design
Part NumberKBFDG4V-5-2C50N-Z-M1-PE7-H7-12, 858AN00004A
Description: Solenoid Controlled Proportional Valve With Onboard Electronics, 315bar Max, 210bar Tank Rating, 24VDC Solenoid Coil, +/-10V Voltage Feedback Signal +/-10V Voltage Monitor, 50 Liters/Minute, 7-Pin Electrical Connector With Mating Half
Date: 2018

Comments: New Part In Open Factory Box.

NEW Eaton Vickers KBFDG4V-5-2C50N-Z-M1-PE7-H7-12 Proportional Control Valve

SKU: 27824-D
Out of Stock
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