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Boosting Operational Efficiency with KR Automation

In the intricate realm of industrial automation, it's not just about finding the right equipment, but also ensuring its longevity and managing its lifecycle. Enter KR Automation, the one-stop solution for all your automation needs, uniquely positioned to become a long-term ally for your business.

Buy - An Inventory That Speaks Volumes:

At KR Automation, our inventory boasts a vast range of surplus and preowned automation controls. Catering to a myriad of industries, our stock ensures that regardless of whether you operate on legacy systems or contemporary setups, you have access to quality equipment that meets your precise needs. Moreover, our competitive pricing ensures that acquiring top-grade equipment doesn't break the bank.

Sell - A Hassle-free Transaction Experience:

Declutter, upgrade, and liquidate with ease. If you're looking to sell high-quality unused or preowned automation and electrical equipment, KR Automation offers a seamless transaction process. We not only provide competitive pricing but also ensure that your equipment gets a new lease on life. This cyclical process helps businesses manage equipment lifecycles efficiently, ensuring that older, unused systems are replaced and repurposed without fuss.

In-House Repair - Minimize Downtimes, Maximize Productivity:

It's not just about selling and buying; it's also about ensuring equipment longevity. KR Automation understands the critical nature of downtimes. That's why our in-house repair services are swift and efficient, often delivering results within 24 hours. With specialized technicians who have in-depth expertise in HMI, VFD, and PLC repairs, you can be assured that your equipment is in capable hands.

Building a Sustainable Business Relationship with KR Automation:

Why choose KR Automation as your long-term partner? Because in the challenging domain of industrial automation, you need an ally that not only understands the market but also your unique business needs. By offering comprehensive services under one roof, we simplify your operational challenges, allowing you to focus on what truly matters - growing your business. With KR Automation, you're not just investing in equipment or services; you're investing in a lasting relationship that promises stability, growth, and unparalleled efficiency.


In the vast ecosystem of industrial automation, having a trusted partner is indispensable. And when that partner offers an all-encompassing solution, from procuring and selling equipment to repairs, the advantages multiply. Discover how KR Automation, with its comprehensive offerings, stands out as the ideal partner, propelling your business to new heights.

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