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Embracing Sustainable Automation with KR Automation Inc.

Bridging Past with Present

At KR Automation Inc., we believe in revolutionizing operations by providing a robust selection of surplus automation controls and industrial electrical equipment. Our offerings are a testament to how the past's robust technology can seamlessly blend with the present's innovative demands.

Uncovering Opportunities with Resale

Have unused or obsolete automation gear? Don't let them gather dust. Our resale program breathes new life into your surplus equipment, turning potential waste into newfound opportunities.

Rediscovering Potential in Pre-owned Equipment

Our diverse range of pre-owned automation controls is where reliability meets affordability. Explore and rediscover the untapped potential that pre-owned equipment holds, a treasure trove waiting to be unveiled.

Extending Equipment Life Through Repair

Why replace when you can repair? Our seasoned technicians specialize in reviving Allen Bradley and Yaskawa brand products. With a knack for extending the life of your cherished equipment, we ensure your operations stay uninterrupted.

Engage with KR Automation Inc., where every transaction is a step towards sustainable automation. From reselling unused equipment to repairing your existing gear, we are your trusted partner in fostering a sustainable technological ecosystem.

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