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Platform- Bulletin 1492
Cat Number- 1492-CM800-LD015
Series- A
Firmware- N/A
Function-The 1492-CM800-LD015 conversion module provides field wire signal conversion from a Modicon® B814-108  or B840-108 , 8-pt relay output to a ControLogix 1756-OX8I , 8-pt relay output module. The conversion module provides the mating connections to the B814-108 or B840-108 swing-arm (terminal block) with the attached field wires. It routes those signals, via its 40-pin connector and a 1492-CABLEY pre-wired cable to compatible terminals of the 1756-OX8I. To maintain the fusing functionality of the B814-108 and B840-108 output modules the conversion module provides a mechanical fuse for each of the 8 converted output points
Date- 2007

COMMENTS- New Part In Factory Sealed Box

NEW SEALED Allen Bradley 1492-CM800-LD015 /A ControlLogix Conversion Module

SKU: 4635,12410-12417, 25188
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